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   2019/2020 Season

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The Committee decided to follow the Government advice at the time and the League was suspended on 16 March.


The league committee has considered how best to complete the 2019-20 season. After careful consideration of various options they have decided that rule 9l should be applied to all remaining matches. You can view the final tables using the link on the left.


As no concession penalties are to be applied, the scores proposed by that rule have been scaled so that each remaining match is out of 9 in mixed and 12 in levels. For three mixed matches the outcome of that rule was 4.5 all. These matches have been awarded as 5-4 to the home side.


If any club wishes to make representations to the committee that this approach has treated them particularly badly, please do so by writing to the League Chairman, Martin Godwin, at no later than 4 May 2020.





2020/2021 SEASON


Prep work is under way for the 2020/2021 season. Your current first contact will shortly receive the usual registration form for next season by email. Please return it to me somehow before May 31. There is no need to send any entry fees at this time; we will collect them them later.


Meanwhile, keep clean and remember that prophetic dittty from The Police all those years ago in 1986, "Don't Stand So Close To Me".


Look after yourselves and best wishes to you all.




The Gloucestershire Badminton League